Even the most minor of eye injuries in your pet can develop into an infected wound and even possible loss of the eye. An eye injury is something you never want to take to chance. Pursue immediate treatment, even if the eye injury seems minor.

There are signs that you can watch for if your pet has suffered an eye injury or is possibly suffering from an eye condition. If you notice your pet is blinking excessively, squinting, there is redness, discharge, or cloudiness of one or both eyes there could be a problem.

As in humans, eye injuries in dogs often occur when an object or another pet scratches the eye. Additionally,  abnormal eyelash growth, eyelid formation, or genetic issues can lead to problems in your dog’s eyes.

If your dog has suffered an injury from a fight or trauma take it to your ophthalmologist right away. In the extreme case in which your dog’s eye has vacated the socket, never attempt to replace it. Do not attempt to treat or bandage the eye. If there is active bleeding, you may apply pressure with clean gauze against the wound. Please know what medications you dog may be taking so that we can be aware as we treat your animal.

If you have questions concerning your pet’s eyes, we are more than happy to assist, simply give us call.