It is Critical That You Perform Routine Health Checks on Your Pet's Eyes to Better Discover a Developing Problem or Eye Disease

That are several considerations that pet owners must be aware of, but the one that owners seem to commonly miss is in eye care. Animals are vulnerable to any number of problems with their eyes, even something as uncomplicated as getting plant material in your pet's eye can cause a host of difficulties. It is important that as a pet owner, you learn the fundamentals of caring for your pet's eyes.

As in all facets of your pet's well-being, one key to preventing advanced eye problems is by catching them before they progress. It is critical that you perform routine health checks on your pet's eyes to better discover a developing problem or eye disease. Here are a few tips in maintaining favorable eye health for your pet.

  • Examine your pet's eyes in a well-lit room.
  • Make sure your pet's eyes are bright and clear.
  • Check for any signs of abnormal discharge (clear, yellow, or green) and crust around the eyes.
  • Should there be a need to remove discharge or crust, use a clean cotton ball soaked in 1:5 dilute baby shampoo.
  • There might be the need to trim hair from around the eyes, especially for breeds with long hair. Please consult your groomer or ophthalmologist on the best way to do this.
  • Keep soaps, tick medicines and other potentially harmful substances away from the eyes.
  • Educate yourself about conditions predisposed based on breed.
  • Do not treat eye problems without first consulting your veterinarian and ophthalmologist.

Lastly, make sure you take your pet to a vet on a regular basis, once a year is usually recommended. Following these tips will help discover eye conditions before they become damaging.

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Our doctor will perform a complete eye examination on your pet with the assistance of our nurses. This includes examining the eye with a head set, hand lens, panophthalmoscope and slit lamp to aid in magnification of different parts of the eye.

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Companion Animal Eye Registry

The purpose of the OFA Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) is to provide breeders with information regarding canine eye diseases so that they may make informed breeding decisions in an effort to produce healthier dogs.

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