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"Very kind, efficient, and fairly priced"

Very kind, efficient, and fairly priced. Thank you guys for doing what you do for all of our animals.

They were so patient, experienced, and did not push the most expensive treatment. Instead they recommended an extremely affordable treatment (a collagen injection) and even got it done that same visit, super quick too! Thanks again guys. We are blessed to have you in our City!

Amanda - 4/5/2023

"10/10 recommend her for your animal needs"

Dr. Radka Andrysikova is absolutely phenomenal! She saved my old kitty. Not only is she very intelligent and very successful in her practice, she is also very kind, sensitive, and has great bed side manor. She even went above and beyond with him and helped him with some other things even though that isn't her job . 10/10 recommend her for your animal needs. She truly cares.

Megan - 9/20/2022

"What a gem of a practice!"

Wonderful clinic. Friendly staff and Vet is old school which means incredibly knowledgeable and skilled with a much needed dose of pragmatism and excellent bedside manner with dogs and clients. What a gem of a practice! Highly recommended

Laura - 6/22/2022

"The staff here is wonderful!"

The staff here is wonderful! Our little shih tzu had horrible eye problems. Glaucoma, lens luxation, eye ulcer, and cataracts that left her blind. Our regular vet did their best, but they couldn’t manage her conditions further. We had been referred to the eye specialist at CSU animal hospital by our vet. Unfortunately, they had no availability and wanted us to come in as an emergency and charge hundreds for just a consultation, no treatment. So we called the Animal Eye Center and they had an appointment for us that same day! They immediately got her on a treatment plan. They treat her so well and are very attentive to her needs. They took the time to care for our sweet girl. Thanks to them she has regained vision and has a better quality of life! She’s 10 years old, but it’s like she’s been rejuvenated! She has a new sense of wonder and energy now that I never thought I’d see again. We are delighted! Thanks again Animal Eye Center of Loveland!

Joseline - 10/12/2021

"Team of amazing staff who were super professional and very amiable"

Dr Burgesser did an immaculate job with my Blue Shar Pei Odin, from the time we got the consultation, to the surgery, and post op, he stayed attentive the entire process always making sure Odin was at his most comfortable and healing quickly. Cant thank him enough and his team of amazing staff who were super professional and very amiable, and willing to deal with me when i lost my wallet which i recovered with their help.

Brandon - 6/22/2021

"Dr Roberts is whip smart"

Animal Eye Center provides wonderful care. Dr Roberts is whip smart, thorough and also compassionate. He arranged training for my cleaning of dogs eyes. He went beyond explanation of her current infection and also provided status of retina and other eye parts and prognosis for what to expect as she continues to age. He arranged extra lab results for possible additional issues. He called me personally twice. He wrote a very detailed report. I was so pleased!

Jeannene - 1/27/2021

"Dr. Robert's came out to my car to explain his assessment."

I first sent an email to ask about a tumor on my dogs eyelid and was surprised at how quickly I got a response (and from the actual doctor). When it came time for the appointment, Dr. Robert's came out to my car (i chose to stay outside due to COVID) to explain his assessment and what steps he will take for the procedure. The procedure was so quick (which I appreciate because my dog tends to be a little nervous and the less dilly dallying the better) and Dr. Robert's brought her out and explained what I should expect (swelling and possible a little blood). Great experience!

Jessica - 12/22/2020

"Warm and friendly to both myself and my dogs."

Dr Burgesser and his staff are excellent. Dr B is very gentle and thorough. His front staff and tech were efficient while also being warm and friendly to both myself and my dogs. They went out of their way to help us. Very good value for OFA exams was a huge plus!

Chris J. - 9/22/2020

"I must say this was a very affordable clinic for me."

My cats veterinarian was somewhat concerned about his vision as he has renal disease. This eye clinic was so accommodating and you know it really didn't even bother my cat one bit. He kind of took it in stride as they held him as they looked into his eyes and played watch the cotton ball. I must say this was a very affordable clinic for me. They have some very unique accessories for dogs with vision problems. I honestly was amazed and I have a medical background.

Susan M. - Loveland, CO - 9/15/2020

"Dr. Roberts is friendly and EXTREMELY knowledgeable."

Top of the line professional! Had a lab with an eye injury and the staff was helpful, friendly and most importantly got me in right away. Dr. Roberts is friendly and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. The treatment he provided worked and our lab is back to normal. In addition, Dr. Roberts made a follow up himself rather than a tech or staff member to check on our dog.

Tami I. - Eaton, CO - 5/13/2019

"Hands down THE BEST!"

Hands down THE BEST! They were fast, affordable and also important have done follow up calls. It makes my heart happy. Wonderful people there.

Melissa L. - Louisville, CO - 5/1/2020

"Dr. Roberts was PHENOMENAL."

Dr. Roberts was PHENOMENAL. I live in Montana and we don't have a eye vet locally. He took my call after my vet was concerned and consulted me over the phone. He answered my emails and then personally got on the phone with me to calm down my fears. I am incredibly impressed, I did not pay him a cent...he did this for free. Truly wonderful to have such generosity and care when you live far away. Thank you Dr. Roberts your community is lucky to have you.

Nikki S. -

"They will move heaven and earth to do the right thing"

They will move heaven and earth to do the right thing by your animal and are incredibly caring, smart and experienced. I was blown away by the quality of care given and the information they were able to give me re: how best to help my kitten, Gus, who had a rare eye condition.

Dana T. - 2019

"Great service with very reasonable prices."

Great service with very reasonable prices.

Brent F. - Ft. Collins, CO - 5/13/2019

"Felt extremely comfortable and reassured right away."

First time here today with my Dog Kiba. Felt extremely comfortable and reassured right away. Everyone there was friendly and genuinely happy to work with Kiba!

Shaun F. - Ft. Collins, CO - 1/23/2019

"Wonderful experience during a scary time."

The doctor was so great! Kind, attentive, gracious with his time, and happy to take follow-up questions over the email and phone. Wonderful experience during a scary time.

Jess T. - 1/1/2019

"The entire staff is always sooooo helpful"

I called on a Sunday. Dr Robert's called back right away, he seen her at 9a and she was in surgery at 1030a after he called in a couple people. She was set for cataract surgery the following monday. Her lens ruptured and she was in pain. I cannot thank them enough for coming in on a Sunday and helping her. She can see now!!!! The entire staff is always sooooo helpful.

Tina J. - Windsor, CO - 11/6/2018

"I trust Dr. Roberts implicitly with my animals"

I highly recommend Dr. Roberts and his team! I have used him for two of my dogs (multiple visits) at both his Loveland clinic, and his mobile clinic. Dr. Roberts is on the quieter side, but give him some time and his compassion shines through, and his knowledge and expertise are bar none. I know this man well, and honestly feel like some of these negative reviews have been exaggerated. I hope they don't cause someone considering Animal Eye Clinic to decide not to go here. I am a Veterinary Technician, and I trust Dr. Roberts implicitly with my animals. He has more than proven himself to me in the outstanding care he and his team provide to my dogs at every visit.

Michelle T. - Black Hawk, SD - 10/9/2018

"These people are the best!"

These people are the best! I mean the entire staff.

Dr. Arnold operated on my diabetic dog's eyes to remove the cataracts that blinded him. Shortly after the surgery, I had a concern about one of Tiki's eyes. Whenever there's a problem, they always seem to fit you in right away. At some point, I must have mentioned to one of the receptionists that Tiki just had his left adrenal gland removed at CSU as it had a cancerous tumor in it. I mentioned that had wiped out my retirement savings (I am a disabled Vet) and that I borrowed the money for eye surgery from my sister. When I went to the front desk to pay for the visit, one of the receptionists (they are all very nice) told me that Dr. Arnold said this visit was on them. When was the last time any veterinarian let you out the door without paying? In my experience, never.

Tiki hates going to the vet, but he walks right in the door here, no problem. He seems to know that everyone here really cares about him.

Before I found Animal Eye Center, Loveland, CO, I called an animal opthalmologist in Denver. He wanted $197 for the initial pre-surgery visit, then $4000 per eye. I planed on only getting only one eye fixed. I decided to look on Google for the least expensive animal eye vet in the U.S. as I was ready to travel if I could afford to do both eyes. The number one hit I got (in 2015) was A E Loveland, less than an hour away. Unreal! They did both eyes for less than the other doctor wanted to do one.

Dr. Arnold is a caring animal lover who went into the medical field for all the right reasons. To help people and animals. It's a shame that so many doctors, whether for people or animals, went into the medical field because of the money or pressure from their parents.

Im telling you, AEC and all the employees there are the best! You will not be disappointed here.

Oh, I almost forgot, Tiki had an eye problem on a Sunday. I left word on the answering service and Dr. Arnold called me within a half hour. You are not going to find that every day!

John E. - Denver, CO - 2/26/2018

"Dr. Roberts is extremely knowledgeable"

Dr. Roberts is extremely knowledgeable and up front-honest with his evaluations. He will spend a lot of time with you explaining your animals condition. Do not hesitate to see him with your animals eye care concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Roberts.

Bonnie R. - Ft. Collins, CO - 2/13/2018

"Incredibly caring, smart and experienced"

They will move heaven and earth to do the right thing by your animal and are incredibly caring, smart and experienced. I was blown away by the quality of care given and the information they were able to give me re: how best to help my kitten, Gus, who had a rare eye condition.

Dana T. - Longmont, CO - 1-30-2018

"Dr. Roberts was PHENOMENAL"

Dr. Roberts was PHENOMENAL. I live in Montana and we don't have a eye vet locally. He took my call after my vet was concerned and consulted me over the phone. He answered my emails and then personally got on the phone with me to calm down my fears. I am incredibly impressed, I did not pay him a cent...he did this for free. Truly wonderful to have such generosity and care when you live far away. Thank you Dr. Roberts your community is lucky to have you.

Nicole S. - Bozeman, MT - 12/28/2017

"What a tremendous team"

What a tremendous team that helped our Corgi deal with ulcers on each cornea over an 8 month period. They were absolute angels and I would sing their praises on every rooftop!

Laurie M. - Ft. Collins, CO - 11/7/2017

"Very good staff and doctor"

Very good staff and doctor. They really showed compassion and a sincere caring of the pets. Instructions were spot on for when we left and they also followed up with a phone call 2 weeks later to see how my dog was doing. Thank You!!!

S. G. - 8/29/2017

"I always leave having learned something"

It's an amazing thing to have such a wonderful specialist clinic located so close. I've brought my breeding dogs for eye clearances, 2 litter of puppies for eye exams before going to their new homes, and my old girl went in yesterday to have an eyelid mass examined. I love that they are up front about pricing and medications are reasonably priced compared even to my primary care veterinarian. The doctors talk about what they're seeing so I always leave having learned something in the process. Only negative I've had is needing to ask a technician to slow down with a puppy that was scared, but that's not uncommon for me to do in any practice. Thanks for all the great work!

Ashley E. - Loveland, CO - 7/6/2017

"Staff are very friendly and professional"

Dr. Arnold has been so amazing to our Jack Russell Penny since we moved to CO. He and his staff are very friendly and professional. Dr. Arnold is very thorough and knowledgeable and truly tries to do everything he can to figure out what is going on with your pet. He has been so helpful and has made sure we took every precautionary measure to make sure Penny was taken care of and made sure we explored every option available. I would recommend this team to anyone.

Jonathon T. - Brighton, CO - 4/18/2017

"Honest, kind, and patient answers"

Dr. Arnold, Amy, and the whole staff were very compassionate and kind to me and my dog Scooby, who had to have his eye removed due to Glaucoma. Scooby is an old dog, who had cataracts surgery several years ago. Since then he developed Glaucoma in one eye. I tried to medicate, which worked for a while, but after a year or so it was clear that he needed his eye removed. As his mother, of course I worry about putting him under anesthesia, the trauma of another surgery, the possibility of infection, etc. Dr. Arnold and Amy completely assuaged my worries with their honest, kind, and patient answers to my questions. According to them, [and I paraphrase,] a dog with uncontrolled Glaucoma is in a lot of pain; post-operative discomfort is minor in comparison. Now that the surgery is over, I can attest to this; as soon as we picked him up from the hospital, it was like Scooby became 5 years younger. He is perky, playful, and happy. Previously, this would only be the case for a couple minutes a day here and there. Now he is either sleeping or perky, which is an amazing change and a blessing.

Stephanie B. - Boulder, CO - 2/4/2017

"Very thorough, Dr. Arnold explained what was happening in terms I could understand."

Went here on referral from my vet, Tender Loving Care in Longmont. My puggle had a corneal tear that wasn't healing. I was late for my appt., underestimated time it would take me to get to north Loveland. They saw us even being late. Very thorough, Dr. Arnold explained what was happening in terms I could understand. Performed the treatment and brought my dog out in timely manner. Would definitely recommend for eye problems.

Kristie R. - Longmont, CO - 11/24/2016

"Dr. Roberts is phenomenal!"

Dr. Roberts is phenomenal! He treated my Elsie So well!! We are beyond excited that she has regained her sight!!! If you are looking for a passionate veterinary Ophthalmologist look no further that Dr. Roberts and his team at The Animal Eye Center in Loveland CO. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

Natalie P. - Idaho Falls, ID - 11/23/2016

"I won't trust any other vet with my dogs eyes!"

After an emergency vet on a holiday that didn't know how to treat my dog's corneal ulcers ($$$), and a follow up with a another vet who didn't get it right either ($$$), (and both had my dog on drugs that weren't what he needed, both ordered unnecessary test$$$) I took my dog to Dr. Roberts. Would have saved my buddy from days of pain and myself a few hundred bucks if I'd just gone to Dr. Roberts in the first place! He immediately knew what the problem was, made my dog's eyes comfortable, then spent over an hour with us, identified and explained the underlying causes and treatment of his corneal ulcers, and educated me about his condition, and we've gone 14 months without a reoccurence. No expensive blood work, every drug served its purpose. The whole visit including drugs was only $90, and they coordinate with his regular vet to mail his eye drops to me every month. I have recommended Animal Eye Center to my acquaintances when their pets or horses have eye issues. Based on my experiences trying to get my dog treated effectively elsewhere, I won't trust any other vet with my dogs eyes!

Alison L. - 9/15/2016

"The vets here are incredibly knowledgeable."

Excellent service and reasonable pricing. Took my dog in to surgically remove hair follicles under the eyelid twice. The vets here are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

Matt H. - Denver, CO - 7/19/2016

"Amazed by the knowledge, results, and the low bill."

I have been amazed by the knowledge, results, and the low bill. These people are just wonderful. They have seen several of my rabbits for their eye issues. The last time Dr. Roberts was able to open up a tear duct that the regular vet had said was permanently blocked.

Debbie S. - Greeley, CO - 5/15/2016

"I don't have the words to express the gratitude I have for Dr. Roberts"

Dr. Roberts and his team went above and beyond for me and Dazey! We met Dr. Roberts at his mobile clinic in Montana. Dazey's condition appeared to need urgent care so Dr. Roberts offered to take Dazey back to his clinic in Colorado for surgery. He examined her again in my home on his way out of town and felt he could save her eyes with surgery. While traveling, the doctor was able to further stabilize her condition and mobilize his team to perform the surgery that same evening, after a full day on the road. After successful surgery, Dr Roberts let me know that Dazey would be recovering in his own home. He and his staff are even making arrangements to help get my baby back home when it is safe for her to travel. I don't have the words to express the gratitude I have for Dr. Roberts, Brenda and their staff for the dedication, care and compassion they showed to me and Dazey! ♡♡♡

Ginger W. - Billings, MT - 4/30/2016

"You gave my husky her vision back"

I don't think words will ever be enough to express how grateful I am that I found Dr. Arnold. He is an amazing doctor who cares about his animal patients. You gave my husky her vision back, how can you thank someone enough for that? From the moment I walked in, terrified to learn what was wrong with my dog, he was so kind and took his time to answer the million questions we had. Thank you so so much.

Briana B. - Box Elder, SD - 4/26/2016

"Such a nice and caring staff."

Such a nice and caring staff. Very efficient. I didn't have to wait more than a few minutes for my dog to be seen by the doctor himself. Once he provided the examination, he was very thorough in explaining the diagnosis. Much appreciated!

Hayley S. - Billings, MT - 4/6/2016

"Dr. Roberts and his staff are a class act."

Dr. Roberts and his staff are a class act. They helped me understand Tara's diagnosis of pannus, provided medication, and fitted her with Rex Specs to help prevent the pannus from worsening. I'm grateful for such a knowledgeable and kind set of professionals.

Marianne M. - Buena Vista, CO - 3/2/2016

"They are so professional and compassionate!"

We have been so impressed with the doctors and staff here. They are so professional and compassionate! Highly recommended!!!!

Bill S. - Longmont, CO - 1/15/2016

"This place has the most kind, caring, compassionate staff"

This place has the most kind, caring, compassionate staff I have seen out of a veterinarian in a long time. I was told to pit my 14 year old dog down cause he got ulcers of the eye. Dr Roberts was able to find an infection and help my dog to be able to live a longer healthy life. Not only did he help me but I was also able to email him about any questions or concerns that I had and he always took the time to respond.

Jamie T. - Longmont, CO - 9/15/2015

"They really seem to care about your pet"

These are the nicest group of people you'll ever meet. Very courteous with their time, too. They really seem to care about your pet, which is extremely important to me. And, Dr. Arnold is an excellent doctor and surgeon! Thank you for taking great care of my boy!!

Kim S. - Fort Collins, CO - 3/26/2015

"Glad to work with the whole staff!"

Very happy with these folks. Took my dog in for an eyelid tumor, Doctor Roberts was very helpful in explaining my options, and was able to do the operation the same afternoon at a minimal cost. He was also able to take care of some other problems she. Glad to work with the whole staff!

Iceberg460 - 01/16/2015

"Fantastic experience!!!"

Fantastic experience!!! Best prices all the way to the south side of Denver. Dr. Roberts, Dr. Arnold and the staff were amazing and professional. We felt so welcomed, my appointment was on time and I was not rushed out. With the experience I had, I will forever make the hour drive to Loveland. A+++++

Lindsey J. - Thornton, CO - 9/23/2014

"Simply the best!"

Dr. Roberts is exceptional. His staff couldn't be any nicer. Simply the best, all of them!

Helen A.- Boulder, CO - 6/6/2014

"Always helpful and with reasonable prices"

This clinic has always been most helpful with my diabetic blind old JRT. And the prices are all reasonable, not in the multiple hundreds as clinics in the Denver area want to charge. I recommend them.

Carol J. - Boulder, CO - 4/6/2014

"So helpful and considerate"

Even though he couldn't do anything for her, Dr. Roberts gave us many ideas of what we could do to make our little toy pom's life as good as we can for the rest of her life.

Everyone was very nice, concerned and made us feel welcome. We wish they could have helped our little girl, but it just wasn't meant to be. Thank you for all your help.

Sheryl M.- Vaughn, MT - 3/13/2014

"We would highly recommend his expertise to anyone who is looking for a veterinary ophthalmologist."

We took our newly adopted, 12 year old blind and deaf miniature poodle to see Dr. Roberts at his Casper mobile clinic. He spent about an hour with our little Ledoux and was able to explain issues of his cataracts, in which one has fallen forward due to some ligament detachments. We drove down from Gillette, WY to see him and we were very impressed with his demeanor with Ledoux and his ability to explain technical jargon to us so that we understood our dog's situation. He chatted about anesthesia issues on elderly dogs. His examination of Ledoux was thorough.

He is organized! He dispensed eye drops and he's asking for photos to be e-mailed in a few weeks so he can see if inflammation has decreased in response to the medications. We're hoping this will result in cataract surgery so our little guy will be able to see again. We would highly recommend his expertise to anyone who is looking for a veterinary ophthalmologist.

Marjorie B. - Gillette, WY - 6/25/2013

"This place is wonderful!!!!!!"

This place is wonderful!!!!!! I called all over and Animal Eye Center was not only the best in price but was willing to see Luke as soon as possible. While other places couldn't see him until February. We thought we were going in for an initial consultation, but Dr. Roberts took care of Luke immediately, and this was not an emergency procedure, so the fact that they were able to get him done in one day was amazing!!!!! His staff cleaned the procedure room and did the minor procedure all within an hour of being there. I cannot complement this place enough. If any of you, for any reason, have to take your pets to and eye specialist....I highly recommend this place!!!!!!!

Kendra H. - Brighton, CO - 1/12/2013

"Very impressed with honesty, quality of care and value"

Like the previous reviewer, I was very impressed with the honesty, quality of care, value for money, and confidence-inspiring services provided by Dr. Roberts and his friendly team. I feel very fortunate to have this excellent veterinary ophthalmologist within driving distance.

My standard poodle recently received minor cryosurgery and debridement for an eye issue that was making her miserable. Dr. Roberts had already seen her when she was only 12 weeks old, when we first noticed this issue, and he gave us excellent advice and products to manage the problem until she was old enough to assess whether she would simply grow out of it. As it turned out, she didn't and we needed to take additional steps many months later. When we returned to Dr Roberts we expected the usual multiple visits - one for exam and the next for treatment. Instead he said the treatment would not take very long so we could do everything in the one visit. The cost was incredibly modest for his time - sedation, surgery, treatment, prescription, nursing...the whole nine yards. Less than $300.

We are used to spending a great deal more if we ever have a specialist do anything surgical - even the most minor treatment - for one of our pets. Obviously, all eye conditions are different and costs would be more for a more complex procedure. But I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone take their pet to Dr. Roberts instead of a regular vet, if there is an eye problem. They'll get an honest assessment, the best treatment possible, nice staff who love animals, and all for a moderate price that may even be less than a regular vet would charge.

Our poodle is now doing fantastically, only a week after her treatment. Her eyes are so much better, we are thrilled. If you are one of the many folks paying a fortune for eye specialist care in Boulder or Denver, I suggest you consider Dr. Roberts' friendly, caring eye clinic, where they care more about your pet than your credit card.

Jennifer K. - Longmont, CO - 8/29/2012

"Well worth the drive from Denver! Top notch care recieved"

I'm honored to be the first to rate Dr. Roberts and everyone at Animal Eye Center. When my dog became diabetic, I knew that cataracts would be around the corner, and sure enough, they came and my dog was blind. There are a few Ophthalmologists in Denver and I called all of them. They all quoted prices FAR over the industry average for the procedure, and some required that I come in for a quote and the consultation alone would cost something crazy like $250, blah blah blah. Not an ounce of sympathetic concern or questions about my dog. It was pretty clear to me they just wanted the money.

I went to the Animal Eye Center and they have their pricing right there on their web site, and it's right there with what's typical in the business. I made the trip all the way to Loveland and Dr. Roberts didn't beat around the bush with me, gave me the facts about the procedure, the costs, and even hooked me up with some great tips in regard to managing my dog's diabetes. He was confident, and the kind of confidence that only comes with years and years of experience. He's been at this stuff since the '80's.

My diabetic doberman recently developed cataracts. Last week he had them removed, new lenses, everything. Today, he can see again. Pretty amazing. I am extremely pleased - he has received top notch care.

Dr. Roberts is a true pro and skilled at his craft. Don't waste your money with these younger, money-hungry ophthalmologists in Denver, who are still perfecting their skills. I choose my vets like I choose my auto mechanics - I want the person who's been at this for a while, and who treats me like a human, with respect, honesty and confidence. His associate, Radka is amazing, too. They are all great.

Well worth the drive from Denver!

Mark C. - Denver, CO - 3/21/2012

"This place is a hidden jewel."

This place is a hidden jewel. It is very reasonable place to have your dog's eyes CERFed. I wish I lived closer. They are very thorough and get you the results right away.

Arlene W. - Merrimac, WI - 10/16/2008

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