“Honest, kind, and patient answers”

Dr. Arnold, Amy, and the whole staff were very compassionate and kind to me and my dog Scooby, who had to have his eye removed due to Glaucoma. Scooby is an old dog, who had cataracts surgery several years ago. Since then he developed Glaucoma in one eye. I tried to medicate, which worked for a while, but after a year or so it was clear that he needed his eye removed. As his mother, of course I worry about putting him under anesthesia, the trauma of another surgery, the possibility of infection, etc. Dr. Arnold and Amy completely assuaged my worries with their honest, kind, and patient answers to my questions. According to them, [and I paraphrase,] a dog with uncontrolled Glaucoma is in a lot of pain; post-operative discomfort is minor in comparison. Now that the surgery is over, I can attest to this; as soon as we picked him up from the hospital, it was like Scooby became 5 years younger. He is perky, playful, and happy. Previously, this would only be the case for a couple minutes a day here and there. Now he is either sleeping or perky, which is an amazing change and a blessing.

Stephanie B. - Boulder, CO - 2/4/2017