Very impressed with honesty, quality of care and value

Like the previous reviewer, I was very impressed with the honesty, quality of care, value for money, and confidence-inspiring services provided by Dr. Roberts and his friendly team. I feel very fortunate to have this excellent veterinary ophthalmologist within driving distance.

My standard poodle recently received minor cryosurgery and debridement for an eye issue that was making her miserable. Dr. Roberts had already seen her when she was only 12 weeks old, when we first noticed this issue, and he gave us excellent advice and products to manage the problem until she was old enough to assess whether she would simply grow out of it. As it turned out, she didn’t and we needed to take additional steps many months later. When we returned to Dr Roberts we expected the usual multiple visits – one for exam and the next for treatment. Instead he said the treatment would not take very long so we could do everything in the one visit. The cost was incredibly modest for his time – sedation, surgery, treatment, prescription, nursing…the whole nine yards. Less than $300.

We are used to spending a great deal more if we ever have a specialist do anything surgical – even the most minor treatment – for one of our pets. Obviously, all eye conditions are different and costs would be more for a more complex procedure. But I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone take their pet to Dr. Roberts instead of a regular vet, if there is an eye problem. They’ll get an honest assessment, the best treatment possible, nice staff who love animals, and all for a moderate price that may even be less than a regular vet would charge.
Our poodle is now doing fantastically, only a week after her treatment. Her eyes are so much better, we are thrilled. If you are one of the many folks paying a fortune for eye specialist care in Boulder or Denver, I suggest you consider Dr. Roberts’ friendly, caring eye clinic, where they care more about your pet than your credit card.

Jennifer K. - Longmont, CO - 8/29/2012