These people are the best!

These people are the best! I mean the entire staff.
Dr. Arnold operated on my diabetic dog’s eyes to remove the cataracts that blinded him. Shortly after the surgery, I had a concern about one of Tiki’s eyes. Whenever there’s a problem, they always seem to fit you in right away. At some point, I must have mentioned to one of the receptionists that Tiki just had his left adrenal gland removed at CSU as it had a cancerous tumor in it. I mentioned that had wiped out my retirement savings (I am a disabled Vet) and that I borrowed the money for eye surgery from my sister. When I went to the front desk to pay for the visit, one of the receptionists (they are all very nice) told me that Dr. Arnold said this visit was on them. When was the last time any veterinarian let you out the door without paying? In my experience, never.
Tiki hates going to the vet, but he walks right in the door here, no problem. He seems to know that everyone here really cares about him.
Before I found Animal Eye Center, Loveland, CO, I called an animal opthalmologist in Denver. He wanted $197 for the initial pre-surgery visit, then $4000 per eye. I planed on only getting only one eye fixed. I decided to look on Google for the least expensive animal eye vet in the U.S. as I was ready to travel if I could afford to do both eyes. The number one hit I got (in 2015) was A E C….in Loveland, less than an hour away. Unreal! They did both eyes for less than the other doctor wanted to do one.
Dr. Arnold is a caring animal lover who went into the medical field for all the right reasons. To help people and animals. It’s a shame that so many doctors, whether for people or animals, went into the medical field because of the money or pressure from their parents.
Im telling you, AEC and all the employees there are the best! You will not be disappointed here.
Oh, I almost forgot, Tiki had an eye problem on a Sunday. I left word on the answering service and Dr. Arnold called me within a half hour. You are not going to find that every day!

John E. - Denver, CO - 2/26/2018