I won’t trust any other vet with my dogs eyes!

After an emergency vet on a holiday that didn’t know how to treat my dog’s corneal ulcers ($$$), and a follow up with a another vet who didn’t get it right either ($$$), (and both had my dog on drugs that weren’t what he needed, both ordered unnecessary test$$$) I took my dog to Dr. Roberts. Would have saved my buddy from days of pain and myself a few hundred bucks if I’d just gone to Dr. Roberts in the first place! He immediately knew what the problem was, made my dog’s eyes comfortable, then spent over an hour with us, identified and explained the underlying causes and treatment of his corneal ulcers, and educated me about his condition, and we’ve gone 14 months without a reoccurence. No expensive blood work, every drug served its purpose. The whole visit including drugs was only $90, and they coordinate with his regular vet to mail his eye drops to me every month. I have recommended Animal Eye Center to my acquaintances when their pets or horses have eye issues. Based on my experiences trying to get my dog treated effectively elsewhere, I won’t trust any other vet with my dogs eyes!

Alison L. - 9/15/2016