Dr. Steve Roberts specializes in veterinary ophthalmology and travels out of state quite often in order to provide the same quality service we offer in our main Loveland, CO office to those in neighboring areas. He is a board certified animal eye specialist who truly cares about all of our patients and owners.

Currently doctor travels to clinics in Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Durango, Colorado. At most of these mobile locations we offer the same services as we offer at our main clinic in Loveland, CO. This includes all types of exams, procedures and most all offered surgeries.

We also travel to some of the AKC organized dog shows to perform CAER exams on breeding dogs. The locations of the shows we attend are throughout Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah. **At these locations we cannot perform regular medical examinations or any of the procedures or surgeries since we are not in a hospital setting.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment at one of our mobile locations so our doctor can examine and treat your pet please check out Mobile Clinic Schedule here.