1. “I always leave having learned something”

    It's an amazing thing to have such a wonderful specialist clinic located so close. I've brought my breeding dogs for eye clearances, 2 litter of puppies for eye exams before going to their new homes, and my old girl went in yesterday to have an eyelid mass examined. I love that they are up front about pricing and medications are reasonably priced compared even to my primary care veterinarian. The …Read More

    Ashley E. - Loveland, CO - 7/6/2017
  2. “Staff are very friendly and professional”

    Dr. Arnold has been so amazing to our Jack Russell Penny since we moved to CO. He and his staff are very friendly and professional. Dr. Arnold is very thorough and knowledgeable and truly tries to do everything he can to figure out what is going on with your pet. He has been so helpful and has made sure we took every precautionary measure to make sure Penny was taken care of and made sure we explo…Read More

    Jonathon T. - Brighton, CO - 4/18/2017
  3. “Very good staff and doctor”

    Very good staff and doctor. They really showed compassion and a sincere caring of the pets. Instructions were spot on for when we left and they also followed up with a phone call 2 weeks later to see how my dog was doing. Thank You!!!…Read More

    S. G. - 8/29/2017
  4. “Honest, kind, and patient answers”

    Dr. Arnold, Amy, and the whole staff were very compassionate and kind to me and my dog Scooby, who had to have his eye removed due to Glaucoma. Scooby is an old dog, who had cataracts surgery several years ago. Since then he developed Glaucoma in one eye. I tried to medicate, which worked for a while, but after a year or so it was clear that he needed his eye removed. As his mother, of course I wo…Read More

    Stephanie B. - Boulder, CO - 2/4/2017
  5. Such a nice and caring staff.

    Such a nice and caring staff. Very efficient. I didn't have to wait more than a few minutes for my dog to be seen by the doctor himself. Once he provided the examination, he was very thorough in explaining the diagnosis. Much appreciated!…Read More

    Hayley S. - Billings, MT - 4/6/2016
  6. I don’t have the words to express the gratitude I have for Dr. Roberts

    Dr. Roberts and his team went above and beyond for me and Dazey! We met Dr. Roberts at his mobile clinic in Montana. Dazey's condition appeared to need urgent care so Dr. Roberts offered to take Dazey back to his clinic in Colorado for surgery. He examined her again in my home on his way out of town and felt he could save her eyes with surgery. While traveling, the doctor was able to further stabi…Read More

    Ginger W. - Billings, MT - 4/30/2016
  7. Dr. Roberts is phenomenal!

    Dr. Roberts is phenomenal! He treated my Elsie So well!! We are beyond excited that she has regained her sight!!! If you are looking for a passionate veterinary Ophthalmologist look no further that Dr. Roberts and his team at The Animal Eye Center in Loveland CO. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!…Read More

    Natalie P. - Idaho Falls, ID - 11/23/2016
  8. Very thorough, Dr. Arnold explained what was happening in terms I could understand.

    Went here on referral from my vet, Tender Loving Care in Longmont. My puggle had a corneal tear that wasn't healing. I was late for my appt., underestimated time it would take me to get to north Loveland. They saw us even being late. Very thorough, Dr. Arnold explained what was happening in terms I could understand. Performed the treatment and brought my dog out in timely manner. Would definitely …Read More

    Kristie R. - Longmont, CO - 11/24/2016
  9. Dr. Roberts and his staff are a class act.

    Dr. Roberts and his staff are a class act. They helped me understand Tara's diagnosis of pannus, provided medication, and fitted her with Rex Specs to help prevent the pannus from worsening. I'm grateful for such a knowledgeable and kind set of professionals.…Read More

    Marianne M. - Buena Vista, CO - 3/2/2016
  10. The vets here are incredibly knowledgeable.

    Excellent service and reasonable pricing. Took my dog in to surgically remove hair follicles under the eyelid twice. The vets here are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.…Read More

    Matt H. - Denver, CO - 7/19/2016