Well worth the drive from Denver! Top notch care recieved

I’m honored to be the first to rate Dr. Roberts and everyone at Animal Eye Center. When my dog became diabetic, I knew that cataracts would be around the corner, and sure enough, they came and my dog was blind. There are a few Ophthalmologists in Denver and I called all of them. They all quoted prices FAR over the industry average for the procedure, and some required that I come in for a quote and the consultation alone would cost something crazy like $250, blah blah blah. Not an ounce of sympathetic concern or questions about my dog. It was pretty clear to me they just wanted the money.

I went to the Animal Eye Center and they have their pricing right there on their web site, and it’s right there with what’s typical in the business. I made the trip all the way to Loveland and Dr. Roberts didn’t beat around the bush with me, gave me the facts about the procedure, the costs, and even hooked me up with some great tips in regard to managing my dog’s diabetes. He was confident, and the kind of confidence that only comes with years and years of experience. He’s been at this stuff since the ’80’s.

My diabetic doberman recently developed cataracts. Last week he had them removed, new lenses, everything. Today, he can see again. Pretty amazing. I am extremely pleased – he has received top notch care.

Dr. Roberts is a true pro and skilled at his craft. Don’t waste your money with these younger, money-hungry ophthalmologists in Denver, who are still perfecting their skills. I choose my vets like I choose my auto mechanics – I want the person who’s been at this for a while, and who treats me like a human, with respect, honesty and confidence. His associate, Radka is amazing, too. They are all great.

Well worth the drive from Denver!

Mark C. - Denver, CO - 3/21/2012